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Disney on Ice Shows

Be Part of the Sparkle with Disney on Ice

We all know that adults enjoy ice shows every bit as much as kids, and with Disney on Ice, the magic promises to be more than scintillating. Disney On Ice is produced by Feld Entertainment, and each year too, a new production of Disney On Ice is created so that everyone can enjoy their favorite Disney characters in different parts of the world. The Walt Disney Company is a leading international family entertainment and media enterprise, bringing quality movies, stage plays and shows as well as music to consumers throughout the world.

All skaters the skaters who have auditioned for Disney On Ice are of a high caliber, so that ice show goers are guaranteed excellence. The skaters in the ensemble are mostly an understudy for a lead role in the show so they have to be the very best. The preparation for Disney on Ice shows takes plenty of planning on practice to perfect all the routines.

A Host of Momentous Events

Disney on Ice includes 8 productions - Magical Ice Festival, Frozen, Treasure Trove, Worlds of Enchantment, 25th Anniversary, 100 Years of Magic, Princess Wishes: Princesses and Heroes and Let's Celebrate. The longest running show is 25th Anniversary, opening in St Petersburg, Florida in October 1995 and the most recent one is Frozen, a top grossing animated movie which is now a shimmering ice show. Kids absolutely love the snowflakes and blizzards that the snow-machines create, complete with the huge video projection panels. To the delight of the kids, the awesome ice spectacular is hosted by favorites Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. They introduce you to the likes of the Lion King, Toy Story and Finding Nemo who put in a special appearance.

You'll be Spellbound

With Disney on Ice, you can sit back for a couple of hours of fun as you watch all your special characters come to life before your eyes. You'll be spellbound by the colorful costumes and skating skills of the characters as they swish past you and spin and turn on the ice. At each of the shows you can expect to be fully entertained as you watch all your favorite characters.

Remember, for your kids’ sake, the quicker you book, the better seats you'll get. Imagine the magic and surprise if one of the skaters actually looks straight into your child's eyes and smiles? Disney lives up to its reputation as being able to offer spectacular entertainment for the entire family with these magical ice shows. Disney on Ice isn't just about ice skating. Part of the shows, which vary according to location and performance date, offer dramatic lighting and of course, lots of exciting toys and glow-in-the-dark gimmicks. If you buy some Disney products like the pre-schooler Disney outfits, there will always be an outfit your toddler will love to wear to a party.

With 100 Years of Magic being one of the Disney on Ice shows, you can't afford to let 2016 go past without making sure you get your Disney on Ice tickets, so that you have a slice of that magic too.